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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marriage Wednesday - A Woman's World


My brother has been sending me movie suggestions lately.
A Woman's World 1954 ....That's what I do when I can't sleep.  
No sad movies just good old fashioned entertainment.
This morning my brother wrote:
Check out the chassis on Arlene Dahl (red head).
Fernando Lamos' mother...."prime beef from Texas with steaks in all the right places."
The blond is June Allyson--bladder pants wearer?
Definitely spokesperson for Depends.
I wonder how much money she got for that job?
Arlene's husband is Van Heflin's brother of  "Mona" who played Erica Kane's mother from
All My Children fame. Is Mr. Gifford just the gayest? The actor Clifford Webb.
I wonder if anyone bought the lady's man conceit in the movie?
He was a child star on Broadway and lived with his mother all her life.
I think her name was Maybelle.  When he received an invitation she was always invited.  

I love the scene in Filene's Basement.  (Watch the movie.)
See if you can spot the actress that played I Love Lucy's mom!
People were beautiful because they were so beautifully dressed
and coiffed and the ladies all wore proper undergarments.  Enjoy.

This is a note is from my brother but it could have just as well been written by
my husband. The tone may have been different but the sentiment would be the same.
Because we all have that much in common our love for a finer time
when people dressed up to go to church, the movies or to go get gas. In those days,
no one pumped their own gas.  Women wore gloves and hats.  Men were men.
Chivalry was alive and well. Everyone had manners, showed respect and
said thank you or your mama heard about it.
Finely dressed, smoking and drinking were art forms.
Think smoking jackets and an
evening of cocktails.

I remember the first time my husband sat me down to watch a movie.
We were dating and still learning about each other.....that doesn't stop by the way. 
He said, "Sit (patting the sofa) right here while I make dinner."
"My Left Foot, is a jewel of a movie.  You have to see it."

In marriage find your best friend, the one that will some day finish your sentences.
Marriage can be like growing up with a sibling.
At first you will be on your best behavior, on occasion you may fight and argue,
but as time goes on there will be a mutually mellowing respect.

Marriage advice from the experts.  30 Lessons for Living. 
This book is such a jewel it was good enough to be my first Kindle

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