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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

424 Purisima


There it is in all its glory...where most of my memories begin...424 Purisima.  The home where, I am discovering, my love of all things vintage started.  This home represents all that I hold dear.

Those two little kids on the porch are Joe and me. Can you even imagine my surprise and good fortune in locating this photo?  This photo has been in my possession since our last road trip.  Joe sent a gargantuan suitcase, I am not kidding, home with me.  As he passed the suitcase off he said, "It's full of things you wanted."  That ominous statement left the suitcase sitting in the kitchen for the past three weeks. It mocked me each morning but I tossed my hair like my mother taught me and walked out the back door only to face it again at the end of each day.

The reality is that going through my mother's things this past year has taken its emotional toll.  There used to be a show called Life Laundry on BBC that reminded me of the whole emotional letting go of things but not people and definitely not memories.   So finally I felt strong enough and unzipped that mocking suitcase.  Who is crying now?  Just like Joe said, "Full of things I wanted."  Real treasures like only a grandmother could gather.  Lord have mercy.  I miss her so much. 

This is Minnie Marsh.  She was our beloved Aunt Minnie.  Her home seen on the right of the photo was directly next door to us and still exists today. Her home is where I ran to after kindergarten.  I realize now that I was seeking the comfort of the grandmothers that were so far away. 

What I can recall about Aunt Minnie is that she taught me how to play card games and that sometimes she would feed us.  It was always a new American treat like Campbell's chicken noodle soup.  She allowed us to drink ice cold milk something we never did at home and made us cold roast beef sandwiches with mayo on bunny bread (Wonder). Aunt Minnie decorated for major holidays and what I really remember was an Easter tree decorated with pastel colored blown out eggs with bobby pins used for hangers.

The lot next to Minnie's house is filled with commercial buildings now.  That big building in the background was my junior high school, Manuel F. Cunha.  I like the sound of junior high school so much better than middle school or intermediate school.

I spent my youth on this one block and it was good.  See the orange calendula that I mentioned in a previous post.  Picket fencing, vintage roses and fuchsias.  A cottage garden was planted in my memory long ago. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Road 2 California Show

The pain I am experiencing in my right leg is totally worth the experience of visiting the show today. I listened to a doctor or therapist, it doesn't matter,  from the medical center in Houston where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will be rehabilitated.  The health care provider person was talking about the "new normal" when you sustain trauma and then get as good as you are going to get. 

It was an epiphany for me.  The new normal.  I don't give a lot of thought to the progression of my disease because it is what it is and I am more peaceful not concentrating on what I don't have control over.  I love the new normal because it is what I experience every day and it comforting to know that I am not alone.  Think positive thoughts.  It was an emotional moment. 

Meanwhile, back to the show. While at the show I had to use the restroom and when my turn came up I landed in the handicap stall.  I guess from the look of my shiny red clogs a lady standing outside decided to say very loudly that the handicap stall is intended for the handicap.  Truly I was going as fast as I could.

It really upsets me when total strangers are rude.  I smiled and said hello as I exited...her embarrassed face was totally worth it.  My friend ,Becky, assured me that handicap stalls are intended for the disabled but even if you are not disabled the stalls are available to everyone unless a disabled person is waiting.  I am disabled. but even if I weren't, these stalls are more comfortable  for everyone,  regular toilets are way too low for most people, handicap stalls sometimes have the only changing table in the restroom, and for parents traveling with small children or the elderly they are the only choice. Keep in mind, not all disabilities can be seen with your eyes although mine are obvious. And always remember that being aq disabled doesn't give you a free pass to be mean.  Being nice matters.

I am so sorry I didn't bring a camera but I am sharing these questionable quality photos from my phone.  You still have a whole weekend to get there.

First stop.  Susan Branch's booth. 

 Exhibits.  This one includes the Starship.

Ode to Holly.  She is dreaming of a new two piece swim suit.


There is absolutely something for everyone at this show.  I didn't get to see
all that I wanted but I am so happy I went. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eye Candy

This is a bouncy post so I am warning you in advance.

So glad smaller homes are coming into vogue again see some ideas here Sunset.

 Hot in Cleveland premieres tonight and I can not wait to see Miss Betty White.

Now check out this website for the Dutch department store HEMA.  Joe sent it to me and it is so creative.  Don't click on anything on the site just watch.  Finally, I know where Mr. Lee's sense of humor comes from. 

In all honesty don't you wish American stores adopted a sense of humor.  Couldn't we use more bright colors, polka dots, stripes and plaids.

Garnet Hill does have new Bauer pottery that I love.  Exhaustion has set in.  Thank you for continuing to stop by.  I promise more photos soon. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Future Looks Bright

How do I miss this stuff?

Quartsite, AZ sell-a-rama   Doesn't this look like fun?

Not going to miss the  Road to California Show this weekend.  If you go, stop by  Susan Branch's booth. 

I started reading Simple Abundance, again.  Every year since 1995, really.  I read about the author's new book over on Susan Branch's site.  Think this might be nice for Valentine's Day.

This reminds me that we are still storing Christmas stuff.  Spring cleaning in January. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wrapping Up 2010

What a busy start to a fresh new year.  There doesn't seem to be a spare moment to do what we really want to do.   We are cleaning and purging the little cottage inside  and out.  Simply ignoring the garden for now.

Here are a few photos from our last roadtrip. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

A new year, a new decade, with more road trips ahead.  We will be heading home today but first we will be viisiting a Room with a Past.  This is the first time we have visited Walnut Creek and this is our first stay in Contra Costa County.  Right outside our room is a BART station.  The train is so quiet just like the monorail in Vegas or Disneyland.  Really an exciting element since I grew up riding the train from Daly City to San Francisco just for fun.

Happy New Year.  Thank you for spending time here at our little cyber cottage, sharing our adventures, and cheering us on through the rough spots.