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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where would you live?

Today, we visited the last shop on our 2010 Quilt Run treasure hunt.  This year, our goal was to complete Region 2 and Region 3.   Our last stop to achieve this goal was Luella's Quilt Basket in Redondo Beach.

If I had my choice of places to live it would along the coast.   For me it is the smell of the sea,  the breezes and the casualness of the residents.  Beach people seem happier and healthier. 

Our top three shops, for fabric choices,  kid friendliness and desire to return to shop in alphabetical order:

 Flying Geese Fabric... special treats for the kids, the cutest retro fabrics

 Stars and Scraps.... lovely fabrics, nice people, felt so very welcome

 Quilters' Garden ... super nice people, water and popcorn

This is our second quilt run and we are already planning for next year's run when our goal will be  to visit all the shops in Region 4.  We plan to dedicate one full weekend and stay overnight at the half way point.

Our day trip included a side trip to Long Beach to attend Patchwork Long Beach   The shop was so completely worth the multiple trips around the Marina to find a parking space.  Holly's only wish was to dip her toes in the ocean...mission accomplished.

OC Weekly and Yelp were there. 
Anarchy in the Garden.  We totally support this concept.  Last year the kids got seeds and this year we watched them grow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank you for Stopping By

It would mean so much if you would please follow my blog.  Just join in at the top of my list on the right side of the screen. 

We visited the nicest vendors at the HuckFinn Jubilee

Really nice people.  Check out their wonderful soaps at willowsoapsonline.com  This merchant was so sweet he welcomed the kids in and gave them little samples that smelled divine.  A wonderful family day that will definitely become a Father's Day weekend tradition.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Start at the Beginning

Have you ever had a weekend that felt like a week off? A good refreshing week off? I used to experience this phenomenon when I was working two jobs seven days a week and every so often I would have an evening off and it felt like an entire day.

I have to start at the end of the weekend and work my way back to the beginning. The retelling of this weekend's event may take a day or two so stay tuned. This evening, on our way home, I picked up the August 2010 The English Home magazine for the very first time, I had an immediate and amazing connection with the magazine from the front cover photograph of what could be very well be my dream home to the Editor's letter. She writes, "While some countries live with fairly set interiors all year round, the English love to refresh and experiment and engage in a continual evolution." I wanted to cry. I totally get it.

Once Lee and I were safely in the car, me with my three magazines the British Edition of Country Living and for the first time Australian Homespun and he with his EverydayFood, I said it is still cheaper than therapy. Magazines filled with photographs of cozy rooms with painted furniture, Aga stoves, rosy fabrics, Emma Bridgewater pottery, amazing craftiness, gardens to die for and people from all over the world with shared interests. It all cheers me right up and the best part is that I feel normal. That is all I am going to say on that topic for now. 

Our BIG weekend included the HuckFinn Jubilee and the continuation of the quilt run. Below is a photo of the completed Southern California Quilt Run Area 2 quilt. Visit each shop in the Region and receive a different pattern and a matching charm so you too may complete the quilt. We can not express how sweet and generous all the shop owners and their staffs have been. Next week at the end of the Quilt Run we will post our favorite shops.

This nice lady, at the Timeless Quilts shop, stamped our "passports," had treats for the kids and allowed us to take as many photos of the Area 2 quilt as we wanted.

Little tease from HuckFinn: Now I feel like I should have a disclaimer-"Pay no attention to the woman in the photo remind yourself she has had a very long weekend and she doesn't look her best." But what the hay, I want you to see the 1966 VW. My old '66 was all original , it even had the black and yellow plates but it was still sweet to see this cutie up close and personal.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Planning for this Weekend's Outing

How lucky am I that I can read in the car while Lee drives us on our adventures?  Today, I have Handmade Home on my lap.  I bought this book the day my beloved mother went on hospice.  As I have shared before, for years  we have had  a tradition of marking events with  book purchases.  And while magazines are really my drug of choice, a book has staying power and rarely is discarded.  I always write a note so I can recall what inspired me on that particular day and often write follow-up messages in my books as the mood strikes.  Lee has adopted this  tradition and always writes an inscription in the books  he gives as gifts.  It is so touching, even years later, to recall the events of our shared life whether good or bad.  Almost any book about home, the domestic arts, family traditions, or small towns will capture my heart but the little notes in the inside covers of my books often bring tears to my eyes.  It is such a personal thing the books that entertain, educate and comfort us.  I hope you will check out Amanda's blog and book.
Now that I have a break from school I can read for pleasure and actually made a few things in the process.   Here's to day tripping and crafting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Southern California Quilt Run 2010

It is that time of year again.  Last year we all had such a blast and will be participating again this year.  Jacob and Holly loved it, too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Continued

There were softball games...

Our favorite pitcher.

Yummy food and friendly people at the Boulder Dam Hotel.

Fabrics at Fiddlesticks and the Christmas Goose.  Both darling shops worth visiting and exploring.

 This was Mark's catch.  He knows I cannot resist stenciled quotations.

Lots of public art in Boulder City.  Loving it.

 Fortunes told...
The Dead Poet bookstore.  Totally worth the stop.  Each of us found something, the store is well organized and with cozy sitting areas and vignettes.  Super friendly and willing to help.  See samples of  their displays below.

The photo above is from the bookstore and decorates the cookbook section.  Aren't the little Dutch people wonderful? 

So many antiques stores we have to go back.  Goatfeathers in Boulder City was my favorite.

                                                                    Play a little dress up. 

                                                        Every shop we visited had eye candy.

Holly is getting tired in this one.  All in all it was a perfect weekend with family, friends and celebrations. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Las Vegas the Get-Along-Gang Way

What are our basics?  Cupcakes, used bookstores, used music, thrift, and antiques.  Check.  This was a big weekend. 

Mark's birthday.   Here is the cutie at the age of five.

At nearly three years of age.  Notice his bangs,  that was one of Mark's quiet moments.  Look at his organizational skills.  You won't know it if you saw his room today.

mad hatter cupcakes.  What a premise, you pick the cake flavor (we chose lemon, chocolate, carrot, strawberry, peanut) and the design.  They will decorate any way you like.  The cupcakes were really delicious  without being too sweet which is one of Mark's standard complaints.


Holly not happy to have to wait to eat her cookie monster cupcake.  Later we celebrated.  Holly wanted a little bit of green sprinkles.

Jacob chose the spider decorated cupcake and Mark had the traditional carrot cake his favorite. 
Happy Birthday sweetness.  Thank you for hanging out with us.

I'll post our fabric stops, used bookstore,  antiques, Dom's game, and our side trip to Boulder City tomorrow.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patchwork Show

If you missed today's PatchworkShow in Santa Ana, you have another chance on June 27 in Long Beach. The weather was beautiful with a lovely breeze to cut the heat.  Among the indie artists there was a a little something for everybody.  We simply could not resist a pink tin can sugar skull from  RawBoneStudio. And we always visit Harveys the seatbelt bag manufacturer.  This time they had their awesome van.  Respect the Van.

We ate at CafeLucca in the Orange Circle so good.   So content with a full tummy and crafty inspiration.

Yesterday we hung out locally. This is one of our favorite shops because this is always inspiration and the NICEST people. 

Holly loved this room.  She sighed loudly and said, "It's so beautiful"  

Then she looked up at the ceiling and found these feet hanging from the ceiling.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Sad at the Passing of Rue McClanahan

Through my saddness I have been watching the Golden Girls and I Love Lucy nightly because these were things I did with my mother and it makes me feel better.

I am so sad at the passing of Rue our beloved slutty Blanche from the girls.

Hallmark Channel has a tribute posting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Ideas

From the Naughty Secretary make little people plant markers.  I found the wooden people on Buy.com and we will be making really cute markers. 

Mary Randolph Carter's new book coming out this fall.  I think I have goosebumps.