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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Planning for this Weekend's Outing

How lucky am I that I can read in the car while Lee drives us on our adventures?  Today, I have Handmade Home on my lap.  I bought this book the day my beloved mother went on hospice.  As I have shared before, for years  we have had  a tradition of marking events with  book purchases.  And while magazines are really my drug of choice, a book has staying power and rarely is discarded.  I always write a note so I can recall what inspired me on that particular day and often write follow-up messages in my books as the mood strikes.  Lee has adopted this  tradition and always writes an inscription in the books  he gives as gifts.  It is so touching, even years later, to recall the events of our shared life whether good or bad.  Almost any book about home, the domestic arts, family traditions, or small towns will capture my heart but the little notes in the inside covers of my books often bring tears to my eyes.  It is such a personal thing the books that entertain, educate and comfort us.  I hope you will check out Amanda's blog and book.
Now that I have a break from school I can read for pleasure and actually made a few things in the process.   Here's to day tripping and crafting.

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