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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Las Vegas the Get-Along-Gang Way

What are our basics?  Cupcakes, used bookstores, used music, thrift, and antiques.  Check.  This was a big weekend. 

Mark's birthday.   Here is the cutie at the age of five.

At nearly three years of age.  Notice his bangs,  that was one of Mark's quiet moments.  Look at his organizational skills.  You won't know it if you saw his room today.

mad hatter cupcakes.  What a premise, you pick the cake flavor (we chose lemon, chocolate, carrot, strawberry, peanut) and the design.  They will decorate any way you like.  The cupcakes were really delicious  without being too sweet which is one of Mark's standard complaints.


Holly not happy to have to wait to eat her cookie monster cupcake.  Later we celebrated.  Holly wanted a little bit of green sprinkles.

Jacob chose the spider decorated cupcake and Mark had the traditional carrot cake his favorite. 
Happy Birthday sweetness.  Thank you for hanging out with us.

I'll post our fabric stops, used bookstore,  antiques, Dom's game, and our side trip to Boulder City tomorrow.

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