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Saturday, January 26, 2013

movie love

Last night the children were introduced to
Mama from the Carol Burnett Show,
the "Fluffy" episode.

 It's probably so funny to Joe and I because
our "Fluffies" were often served up at dinner.
Joe and I would refuse to eat those nights.
We would cry openly, but quietly.
Visibly sobbing without
making a sound.  In those days,
mother would say, "Stop crying or I will
give you something to cry about." 
Moms of that era said things like that.
Yes, we kids, compared notes.
There was no nonsense at the dinner table.

Amazing how time makes even scary scenarios
hilariously funny.  Sibling humor I suppose.

Joe recommend Carol and a movie  for my viewing

The Mating Season (1951) with Thelma Ritter.
 It's a free instant video for Amazon prime
 members right now.  The mating season
refers to the newly wed period of bliss.

The house was particularly quiet
with everyone tucked into
their beds...with dreams of sugar plums in 
their heads.  Do you blame me?

Collecting these little jewels for button storage.

Just me and a sweet movie treat.

Mr. Lee sleeping next to me.
So proud, I didn't pass out.
I like to keep my hands busy
with a project but not last
night.  Just quiet focused movie
time for ME.

Make a bee.

Have a joyful  Saturday peeps.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jessica

Not a day goes by that we don't feel blessed to have the
blessing of family and friends.  We have an extended family of
friends so close, so sweet, sharp minded and witted.

Really incredibly witty and well read.

Today is Adorable, Jessica's birthday.  I have thought of
her all day.  How much I miss seeing her on a
daily basis.  How much a miss sharing lunch.

She's probably studying right now.
So proud of all her accomplishments.

We love you.  Happy Birthday.
Many more years of celebrating and cheer.
Years of building memories with your
precious husband.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Jessica.
from all of us. 

And yes, we want to go to see Charles Phoenix.
Just need to check on a sitter. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Dear Readers,

Slammed.  What does that mean to you?

Last Friday, Mr. Lee arrived at the YMCA to drop off
our kids for the before school program.
My little family arrived to a chained gate. 
On Tuesday night at 9:30 pm, our entire family was slumbering. 
The "emergency" phone call jarred us awake. 
The Y, with over 100 years of
of service to our community, was permanently closed. 
It felt like a death. 

Community based institutions are disappearing. 
How does this happen?
How are we allowing this to happen?
So sad for Jacob who loved his caregivers
and all his friends from different schools.

Slammed.  Means overwhelmed.

Let's escape for a few minutes.

Enie Menie Minie Moe


Cousin Love.  Did you know Jesus and John the Baptist were second cousins?

Did you watch the Truck Truck Race?

How cool is imagination. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Loot from Joe's Birthday Weekend

To celebrate Joe's birthday we
went hunting for treasures.

Thrift treasure that is.

Joe's selection.  Hanging in our hotel room.

Can't resist little Dutch girls.

Or tiny windmills.  Honest, any windmill.

Vintage sheets.

Butterfly jean jacket for Holly.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vintage Thrift Loot

Thrift loot.

I have to agree with Joe, for us
it is better to have a quality item
from a thrift store than have some
thing new made in China.

These beauties stayed behind.
If I were a new bride, today, I were
buy everything for my abode from thrift

The rose pattern and silver rim is right
up my cottage alley.

Under glass because it is special. 
Vintage stoneware for a more casual bride.
So sweet. 

Cabbage rose samples for shading embroidery.
The leaves are gorgeous.

A squirrel for our friend Jessica.  

Can't wait to show you want I did bring home.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The perfect Blue

Nope.  I don't like blue.

Love nuns of any color..from Joe's birthday weekend

Not even the cutest tchotchkes come home
if they are even pinstriped in blue.
Nuns are obviously the
exception.  This little sweetie came home
and is on display.

True, blue is an American favorite color.
Just not mine.  I run the gamut of green.

There is a color from the blue family,
I pick over and over.
It wasn't until this photo resurfaced a
few days ago...
Gotcha.  It is the color I pick over and
over.  Lee teases me relentlessly.
The colors chips don't look similiar, not even
in the can but on the walls always the same. 

It's turquoisey.
Here I am in the family room/den of the
old house
at 424 Purisima. The name sake of this

A brick fireplace painted red.
Wood floors.
Lace curtains.
A soccer player and a lace doily on the TV.
Who could ask for anything more?

Happiness at 4 or 5. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crafty Like of Feeling

Have you ever felt tired but oh so satisfied? 
That is exactly how I am feeling.

Christine's 1st or 2nd Birthday

Had to share this photo of my niece's birthday
long ago.  She is grown now with children of her own.

I dream about this kitchen and that dinette set. 
Because of this kitchen, I love dingle ball and
lace curtains. 

The dinette was a big oval table. Eight chairs.
Three on the inside wall and three on the outside.
One and each end.

For every day, no one sat on the inside,
where Christine is sitting.

Father on one end and mother on the other.
Joe sat closest to my father, Dulce in the middle,
and me closest to my mother.
Day in Day out.
A sense of contentment, security all seasoned with love.
Today, is a crafty day. Road Trip Day.

Seek Portuguese food day.
Celebrate Joe's birthday.

My heart is set on finding thrift bed linens.
I want to make a sheet...hooked rug.
Old 70s sheets.

Word of the Day: Rag Rug

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

Over the holidays.
Someone asked, "What's the relationship?"
I answered flatly, "Siblings."

Me (5) and Joe (7)

In my mind, I said DUH.
Joe and I look alike.
We have similar mannerisms.
DUH.  We are siblings.
Only 23 months apart.

Us in the snow.

Joe has a good memory.
He may remember a time
before me.  Really, he remembers
all kinds of stuff.
He was always thinking.
I was happily flitting around.
Without a clue.

My First Holy Communion. 

It is much the same today.
My mind.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Joe's mind.
Design. Films. Old time actors.
Literature.  Seriously, volumes of books.
A lot of transgressions.
Death with a side of Death with Death dressing.
Not morbid, just matter-of-fact.

Not to say there aren't memories
of transgressions in my head.
There are plenty....but they sit in a dustbin most of the time.

I digress.

Happy Birthday to my husband's favorite sibling.
I said that out loud, too.  There was silence.
Whatever, it is true and funny. 

Happy Birthday to my closest sibling.
Happy Birthday to a much loved Uncle/Tio.

To the guy who knows my taste.
Shops for me.  Finds true treasures.
Indulgences my desire to only see happy films.
Understands and shares my passion for granny art.
Sympathizes with my  hunched back.

Thank you for sharing my life.
I won't have wanted it any other way.
For keeping mother alive in my heart.
To many more years of shared memories,
road trips. thrift stores. and I Love Lucy

Happy Fiddie.  

Word of the Day: Sibling

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cottage Musing

Whenever we visit the homes of friends,
I come away with a feeling of doom.
A feeling of needing to grow up.
To live more like an adult.
My friends homes are polished.
Minimal clutter, non-existing bric-a-brac.
Grown up.


Honestly, none of these words
describe how we live or our
design style.


Urban Barn, Escondido

This is the dialogue thread that has
defined my life.  What I am and what
I wished I could have been.

In the end, my authentic self has won.
It is clear in the books and magazines where
I spend a significant amount of cash and time.
The inspiration scrapbooks I create.
In the orange cane I carry.
In the places we visit.

Simply, I must accept the portrait of my heart
illustrated in the way we adorn our cottage. 

To answer the call from within.

Goodwill, Escondido

Word of the day: Authentic.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It's finally here, a bright fresh new year. 
Our super lucky number 13.
An entire 365 days of seeking joy.

The word of the day: gratitude.