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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Dear Readers,

Slammed.  What does that mean to you?

Last Friday, Mr. Lee arrived at the YMCA to drop off
our kids for the before school program.
My little family arrived to a chained gate. 
On Tuesday night at 9:30 pm, our entire family was slumbering. 
The "emergency" phone call jarred us awake. 
The Y, with over 100 years of
of service to our community, was permanently closed. 
It felt like a death. 

Community based institutions are disappearing. 
How does this happen?
How are we allowing this to happen?
So sad for Jacob who loved his caregivers
and all his friends from different schools.

Slammed.  Means overwhelmed.

Let's escape for a few minutes.

Enie Menie Minie Moe


Cousin Love.  Did you know Jesus and John the Baptist were second cousins?

Did you watch the Truck Truck Race?

How cool is imagination. 

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