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Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

Shopping for greetings cards in one of my favorite pastimes.  Some times I am on a mission to find a specific card for a specific person, but more often then not, I will purchase a greeting card because it speaks to my heart, makes me laughter or cry.  

The card that spoke to me today sucked me in right away. At the top of the card is this quote:  Life in nothing without friendship.  Cicero.

Then, a black and white photo of two elderly ladies sitting in their  favorite living room chairs (something like All in the Family, looking directly into the camera.  Both ladies are dressed for bed but it could be morning.  One is wearing a fancy black lace robe and looks like she may be wearing lipstick while the other  is more simply dressed in a traditional fleece robe and black horn rimmed glasses.  The fancy lady has her hand on the other lady's hand.  Such a warm gesture.  It is very intimate image.  Their image is so powerful especially.   Immediately all the emotion of my mother floods me. 

I wasn't going to buy the card but they just stared out at me.  The whole scene touched my heart. I had to hold the card and study the entire image.  Study their faces noticing that the fancy lady is wearing a wedding ring while the other wears no jewelry, noticing their stockings and their slippered feet.   Needless to say, I had to buy the card.  This is a card that I will post on the wall of my office.

On the back of the card the photographer, Andrew Danson, indicates that the photo is of his great aunts that have lived together since their 40s when they both were widowed.

The photograph is from the M.I.L.K Intimacy, Laughter, and Kinship collection.   Also check out the publisher's website.  I was able to find some used copies of collections books on Amazon. 

The Wisdom book looks amazing. I hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I have. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bunnies by the Bay

Bunnies by the Bay was featured in two of my favorite issues of  Country Living years ago.  The business model has evolved over the years but their brand has not changed.  Now I thought I would have gotten away with a simple internet search but no.  I actually had to stop what I was doing, posting, and seek out the magazines.  This is one of the things that divides men and women.  Luckily, my husband was upstairs bathing the kids so he didn't have to witness my seeking madness. 

My vintage magazines are all sorted in my collection of metal picnic tins.  They are separated into collections Christmas and Halloween first, then Country Home, Country Living, Home Companion (still bereft), Martha Stewart, Romantic Homes........  The point is I found the issues: Country Living: September 1994 starting on page 114 and April 1996 starting on page 104.  I could still live in the rooms featured in each of the articles.  Purple cabinets, chenille, quilts, and wood floors.   Saturated color, texture and pattern every where.  Sigh. 

So when I came across this blog post I was over the moon.  A visit to Washington state and this little shop is definitely in the stars.

During my travels in bloggyland this evening I also discovered Ordinary Courage .  Very interesting concept and also true.  

Then I had to tell you about a series of great books....  A little secret component of how Lee and I research and plan our Road Trips. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cottage Crafty Saturday

Head to Los Angeles for the crafty goodness of the Renegade Craft Faire.

Enjoy the Los Angeles skyline.

Act silly. 
Strike the pose.  
People watch. We love this umbrella. Holly picked it out last weekend at the Urban Barn.

Have lunch at Philippe  be prepared to wait in line but it will be worth it. 

Jacob ate his entire dipped beef sandwich.  This never happens.   

Then check out Vintage Emporium in Long Beach.  This shop is filled with my kind of eye candy.  Lee and I plan to visit again soon.  This wonderful shop is jam packed loveliness.  We didn't have time to scour each and every nook and cranny because we were chatting with the charming proprietess.   This shop is wonderful but the warm hospitality takes the whole experience over the top.

See what I mean?
International Quilt Faire, Long Beach.  If you are looking for a show deal on a sewing machine or you just want some inspiration in a beautiful location this is it. 

The shabby chic, all white environment is an appreciated look but we frankly miss a splattering of primitive.  See the skeleton fabric dolls.  You too, can purchase a kit at Pudding Stone Road.   We seek only nice people.

Like these folks...

Screen printing tote bags with the sweet team at diyprintsupply.com

A lovely full day. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crafty Weekend

My crafty peeps.  This weekend is extra special because the Los Angeles RenegadeCraft Fair  is this weekend.  Oh goodness, you know Lee will make me go.  And then there is the  Long Beach International Quilt Fair.
Jacob loved the long arms at the quilt fair last year.

Before heading to Long Beach may be we will check out:

Trim 2000

820 Maple Ave # 9
Central LA, CA map
district: Central LA

Tel. (213) 489-1223

Then there is the peripheral trips like possibly visiting the  Vintage Emporium located in the historic California Heights neighborhood of Long Beach.  I'll be honest we need to stay home and we need to clean and organize but every weekend there is so much going on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thank you for commenting...  The music rotates but you can select what you would like to listen to from my playlist on the right just scroll down and click.  This way you can listen to Cat Steven over and over.  I have loved his music since 1979.   

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Utah Loot

Notice the "Portugal" apron in the background with the traditional lucky roosters.  Here is the story behind the roosters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We are a music loving family.   To be honest Lee and the kids are usually the selectors of the music on the IPod.  The kids sing on all our road trips.  So cute and amazing.    This is my blog and  this is my music.  This is the music that has spanned my life. Sometimes it illustrates portions of my life listen to: 1985.  See if it sounds familiar to you.   I know some of it is standard, so white bread,  some of it is edgy, but it is what it is.  Because what hasn't killed me has made me strong.    I hope you will enjoy.

Mora's Antiques in Lake Elsinore
Super cute store, NICE people and conveniently located with yummy eating across the street at Flour Fusion.  We thought we might stay home today. Not. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Country Home on the NewsStand

There may be some recycled photos and articles but still glad to see my old friend on the magazine rack.

Life's Up and Downs

St. George, Utah continued....  our visit to Urban Renewal. 
Judd's for soup and a cold old fashioned bottled soda.  Lazy Daisy Cottage, around the corner from Judd's, for quilting inspiration.

Our visit to Cedar City...  if you are ever searching for a friendly face in a new town head to your nearest quilt store.  Where you will make fast friends. 

Granny's offers quilt pillow kits for every occasion.  I brought a different witch poo pillow home.  Wish I had taken a photo but alas.. I'll have to finish it to show you.
A little antiquing, at Aunt B's Treasures,  with a Southern California transplant owner...so much fun. Who said she visited Cedar City, fell in love with the city and never looked back. 

Southern Utah University's Catholic Newman Club Center Thrift Store.  We attend the local Newman Center Church so we felt like this was just a little part of home.
And some food for thought from the lookout above Lake Mead.

In memory of our dear friend
Christoph Andelkovic
April 21, 1961 - July 2, 2010

Who  I am convinced mentored my husband as a young man and helped him grow into the man he is today. 
We owe a debt of gratitude to the entire Andelkovic family.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the Road

This has been a melancholy road trip.  This month would have marked my father's ninetieth birthday and just as we were packing for the much anticipated Utah trip, Lee received word that one of his dearest friends had passed away.We decided to move forward with our trip because the loss of a loved one makes it even more clear that we must enjoy each and every moment. 

Utah is a whole new world for us.  We were asked, "You're not from these parts are you?" and "Why Utah?"  The truth is that Lee got a wild hair.  Why not just keep traveling on Interstate 15 pass Las Vegas?  St. George is an easy 1 1/2 hours from Vegas.  The plan was to stop in Vegas at the Costco for gas.  See what we found.
 This totally cool building.
We stopped in Mesquite, NV...Where nothing is lost on Lee.  Visited thrift stores..scored easy bake oven.

 Then onto St. George where it is HOT...

First stop..Pebbles in my Pocket   Super nice people.  We came away with some sparkly ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

Lee strikes again.

Every trip includes cupcakes.  Twentyfive Main.
Sprinklers outside...

Dessert plus....

There are locations all over the country but this was our very first yummy experience.  We had chocolate but next time we will try vanilla.

Farmer's Market on Saturday. Where we purchased homemade caramels.

Favorite shop in St. George.  Urban Renewal...our people.  Totally cool with a vibe.

I'll leave you here.  Can't wait to share the rest of our adventure.