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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cottage Crafty Saturday

Head to Los Angeles for the crafty goodness of the Renegade Craft Faire.

Enjoy the Los Angeles skyline.

Act silly. 
Strike the pose.  
People watch. We love this umbrella. Holly picked it out last weekend at the Urban Barn.

Have lunch at Philippe  be prepared to wait in line but it will be worth it. 

Jacob ate his entire dipped beef sandwich.  This never happens.   

Then check out Vintage Emporium in Long Beach.  This shop is filled with my kind of eye candy.  Lee and I plan to visit again soon.  This wonderful shop is jam packed loveliness.  We didn't have time to scour each and every nook and cranny because we were chatting with the charming proprietess.   This shop is wonderful but the warm hospitality takes the whole experience over the top.

See what I mean?
International Quilt Faire, Long Beach.  If you are looking for a show deal on a sewing machine or you just want some inspiration in a beautiful location this is it. 

The shabby chic, all white environment is an appreciated look but we frankly miss a splattering of primitive.  See the skeleton fabric dolls.  You too, can purchase a kit at Pudding Stone Road.   We seek only nice people.

Like these folks...

Screen printing tote bags with the sweet team at diyprintsupply.com

A lovely full day. 

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