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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bunnies by the Bay

Bunnies by the Bay was featured in two of my favorite issues of  Country Living years ago.  The business model has evolved over the years but their brand has not changed.  Now I thought I would have gotten away with a simple internet search but no.  I actually had to stop what I was doing, posting, and seek out the magazines.  This is one of the things that divides men and women.  Luckily, my husband was upstairs bathing the kids so he didn't have to witness my seeking madness. 

My vintage magazines are all sorted in my collection of metal picnic tins.  They are separated into collections Christmas and Halloween first, then Country Home, Country Living, Home Companion (still bereft), Martha Stewart, Romantic Homes........  The point is I found the issues: Country Living: September 1994 starting on page 114 and April 1996 starting on page 104.  I could still live in the rooms featured in each of the articles.  Purple cabinets, chenille, quilts, and wood floors.   Saturated color, texture and pattern every where.  Sigh. 

So when I came across this blog post I was over the moon.  A visit to Washington state and this little shop is definitely in the stars.

During my travels in bloggyland this evening I also discovered Ordinary Courage .  Very interesting concept and also true.  

Then I had to tell you about a series of great books....  A little secret component of how Lee and I research and plan our Road Trips. 

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