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Pumpkin Cottage
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Friday, March 19, 2010

World Famous Crochet Museum

The museum is on my list of things to do this year. Don't you just want to go? It is just like the tacky pink flamingos I grew up with bAlthea Cronee now think is high art.

The World Famous Crochet Museum

While you are at it check out Althea Crone and her miniature knitting on YOUtube.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Liberty of London at Target

In an effort to curb my spending, I haven't been visiting Target. We used to call Costco the $100 store, but now it is the $300 store and Target is the $100 and over store.

So because I was trying to save money I missed the whole Liberty of London event at Target and everything is nearly sold out online. Silent scream.

Liberty of London UK

I wanted to purchase this for my niece Michele (What do you think, Staci?) but it is out of stock.

To appease my suffering. I pre-ordered this Alicia Paulson book and this Jane Brockett book. Jane's book will also be published in the UK and in the Netherlands, too. I like the UK version's cover better but I ordered the US version.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elvis and Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Lee and I have celebrated the 13th day of each month of our journey since our first date nearly 13 years ago. We celebrate the everyday life every day. We have often been asked how we got here in our emotional growth. I can only tell you that it is through suffering that you can find joy. For me it was through my father's, sister's and mother's suffering.

Lately, I have been physically and emotionally drained. Totally and completely exhausted. Realizing that it is part of the grieving process we keep moving forward as individuals and as a family.
We fill every opportunity with amazing experiences. Yesterday was no exception. Driving home from Los Angeles we kept saying that was so much FUN.
Please sit a spell and visit with us. We visited the Elvis show at the Grammy Museum and two shops I have wanted to visit for a very long time in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

Here we celebrated in the elevator. The last time we visited the Grammy was on a Sunday and there were fewer visitors. That was better because it felt more intimate.
The view from the window on the second floor of the museum. We LOVE the big city.
We enjoy food. Especially greasy spoons. Lee swears the tacos were amazing. I played it safe, my tummy has been a little upset lately. Not for the vegan, vegetarian or faint of heart.
The atmosphere is important, too. It must feel safe and the kitchen, at least, must look clean. Bathrooms are usually a good indicator of the cleaniness of the kitchen. It's what my mother would say and it is generally true.

Parking in Silver Lake is not easy or fun. A little walk does the heart good, first stop on our walk.

I have been wanting to visit Reform School for a very long time. For years I have created journals, through my Simple Abundance journey, with all the things I cut out of magazines or collect in my travels....this shop was in a very early journal and featured artist Lorena Barrezueta. Read the article I saved from Cottage Living here. We all enjoyed our visit. The shopkeeper was warm and allowed us to explore.

More recently, I discovered Home Ec. This shop is as sweet as it looks. Warm and homey. The kids are on the sofa eating cookies.

Come on don't you just want to visit and stay a while? The shop has everything a crafting family craves and Japanese fabrics, too. Sigh.

This wall is at the back of the shop drew me in immediately. I wanted to just sit in the little club house with its faux wood finish and vintage wallpaper. (Note for the spelling challenged like me. I asked Lee how do you spell faux? His first response F-O-E seriously what was I thinking?) The shopkeeper told us it took a week to paper the wall. The colors are perfect. I want a wall with the same quilt type look and I want to use vintage wallpaper. The hunt is on.
What is great about having our little cottage and not a big executive home is that we have no fear in exploring and expressing our artistic instincts at home with the kids. Nothing is off limits.
We purchased a kit to make a sock skeleton (remember sock monkeys), a yard of fabric, a video Yummyfun Kooking, and other treats. We can not wait to go back and visit.
It is Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood after all.

Had to take this photo and post because Chrisy's maiden name is "Dale."

Found on our walk back to the van. Someone better post a comment or I am gong to start keeping all this juicy goodness to myself. I'd like to know somebody, yes that is you, is reading. Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Check us out

Here we are on another blog. Look for Jacob in the foreground and me in the background on the March 8, 2010 post. Amy Bakes Cupcakes will be there. Yummy.

This show was so much fun because of the location, Nipomo, California, and the beautiful pumpkins. My heart goes soft for pumpkins. Remnants of the Past's next Antique Show will be held on April 24, 2010. Amy Bakes Cupcakes will be there. Yummy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elvis and other Favorite Things

Looking forward to our visit to the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. We are finally going to see Elvis this weekend. I am telling you, check out the Grammy link. He is beautiful. The power of black and white photography can not be denied. Being sexy and staying that way is all about confidence and attitude.

On March 19 or 20th, I will be going here. The Tattered House girls are so nice. So excited about exploring. It's not that we are searching for anything in particular. It is the adventure that we are after. The kids love it, too.

And then there is the tale of the things we hunt for like our recent excursion to find the perfect cabinet/cupboard. When we decide we want something the hunt is on.......

You know that when the kids fall asleep in the car we let them sleep and then we divide and conquer. This time I went into Precious Times Antique Mall. The ladies here are not very cordial but I keep going back because they do have nice things including a little garden in the back of the building. It is still fun without the super friendliness that I prefer.

Our adventure here, went something like this: I go in and run around the store with Jacob, then come out with directions for Lee. The very first thing he "texts is that he is not doing this again and the the booths has individual numbers. I say, well that is good for next time but I didn't have numbers just general directions to the booths and items I wanted him to see...like these two cupboards and an armoire:

He says next time I need to take pictures. It was challenge but he found all the the pieces I identified.

In Riverside we visited Mission Galleria Antiques

and lovely Maria's Antiques this shop is beautiful and the owner is so nice. This was one of my favorite cabinets.

My favorite shop in Riverside: Old Glory Antiques

and then Old Vintage Cottage in Seal Beach where we purchased our cupboard. Lovely shop owners and really good prices compared to all the other shops we visited. An added bonus is the shops proximity to Brita's Old Town Garden.

At the shop and at home.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasha Tudor

So many things remind me of my parents. Today, would have been my parents' 64th wedding anniversary. My parents celebrated 43 years of marriage just before my father passed away in 1989.

I continued to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary each year because I knew my mother remembered and I didn't want her to remember alone. So each year, before my mother came to live with me, I would call her and we would reminisce over the phone. Even when my mother couldn't remember my name she still remembered her husband's full name. She liked to have their pictures with her. His memory comforted her and she was proud and glad of the care she had provided him until his death.

Today, I read this Tasha Tudor story and it reminded me of how much my family loves chickens. How my father allowed us to bring animals home and how my mother complained but enjoyed all our pets, too.

I am reminded that my parents live on in my heart through all the memories we share and in the values they instilled in me.

I am thankful for the longevity and resilience of their marriage. Through sunshine and shade.