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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasha Tudor

So many things remind me of my parents. Today, would have been my parents' 64th wedding anniversary. My parents celebrated 43 years of marriage just before my father passed away in 1989.

I continued to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary each year because I knew my mother remembered and I didn't want her to remember alone. So each year, before my mother came to live with me, I would call her and we would reminisce over the phone. Even when my mother couldn't remember my name she still remembered her husband's full name. She liked to have their pictures with her. His memory comforted her and she was proud and glad of the care she had provided him until his death.

Today, I read this Tasha Tudor story and it reminded me of how much my family loves chickens. How my father allowed us to bring animals home and how my mother complained but enjoyed all our pets, too.

I am reminded that my parents live on in my heart through all the memories we share and in the values they instilled in me.

I am thankful for the longevity and resilience of their marriage. Through sunshine and shade.

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