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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elvis and other Favorite Things

Looking forward to our visit to the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. We are finally going to see Elvis this weekend. I am telling you, check out the Grammy link. He is beautiful. The power of black and white photography can not be denied. Being sexy and staying that way is all about confidence and attitude.

On March 19 or 20th, I will be going here. The Tattered House girls are so nice. So excited about exploring. It's not that we are searching for anything in particular. It is the adventure that we are after. The kids love it, too.

And then there is the tale of the things we hunt for like our recent excursion to find the perfect cabinet/cupboard. When we decide we want something the hunt is on.......

You know that when the kids fall asleep in the car we let them sleep and then we divide and conquer. This time I went into Precious Times Antique Mall. The ladies here are not very cordial but I keep going back because they do have nice things including a little garden in the back of the building. It is still fun without the super friendliness that I prefer.

Our adventure here, went something like this: I go in and run around the store with Jacob, then come out with directions for Lee. The very first thing he "texts is that he is not doing this again and the the booths has individual numbers. I say, well that is good for next time but I didn't have numbers just general directions to the booths and items I wanted him to see...like these two cupboards and an armoire:

He says next time I need to take pictures. It was challenge but he found all the the pieces I identified.

In Riverside we visited Mission Galleria Antiques

and lovely Maria's Antiques this shop is beautiful and the owner is so nice. This was one of my favorite cabinets.

My favorite shop in Riverside: Old Glory Antiques

and then Old Vintage Cottage in Seal Beach where we purchased our cupboard. Lovely shop owners and really good prices compared to all the other shops we visited. An added bonus is the shops proximity to Brita's Old Town Garden.

At the shop and at home.

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