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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

Over the holidays.
Someone asked, "What's the relationship?"
I answered flatly, "Siblings."

Me (5) and Joe (7)

In my mind, I said DUH.
Joe and I look alike.
We have similar mannerisms.
DUH.  We are siblings.
Only 23 months apart.

Us in the snow.

Joe has a good memory.
He may remember a time
before me.  Really, he remembers
all kinds of stuff.
He was always thinking.
I was happily flitting around.
Without a clue.

My First Holy Communion. 

It is much the same today.
My mind.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Joe's mind.
Design. Films. Old time actors.
Literature.  Seriously, volumes of books.
A lot of transgressions.
Death with a side of Death with Death dressing.
Not morbid, just matter-of-fact.

Not to say there aren't memories
of transgressions in my head.
There are plenty....but they sit in a dustbin most of the time.

I digress.

Happy Birthday to my husband's favorite sibling.
I said that out loud, too.  There was silence.
Whatever, it is true and funny. 

Happy Birthday to my closest sibling.
Happy Birthday to a much loved Uncle/Tio.

To the guy who knows my taste.
Shops for me.  Finds true treasures.
Indulgences my desire to only see happy films.
Understands and shares my passion for granny art.
Sympathizes with my  hunched back.

Thank you for sharing my life.
I won't have wanted it any other way.
For keeping mother alive in my heart.
To many more years of shared memories,
road trips. thrift stores. and I Love Lucy

Happy Fiddie.  

Word of the Day: Sibling


  1. Well... I am crying now! I LOVE the LOVE you have for your dear Joe. Everyone of us should have a Joe. What a BLESSING you are to each other! Tell him Happy Birthday from me too :)))
    And many, many more!
    Love you Girl,


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