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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crafty Like of Feeling

Have you ever felt tired but oh so satisfied? 
That is exactly how I am feeling.

Christine's 1st or 2nd Birthday

Had to share this photo of my niece's birthday
long ago.  She is grown now with children of her own.

I dream about this kitchen and that dinette set. 
Because of this kitchen, I love dingle ball and
lace curtains. 

The dinette was a big oval table. Eight chairs.
Three on the inside wall and three on the outside.
One and each end.

For every day, no one sat on the inside,
where Christine is sitting.

Father on one end and mother on the other.
Joe sat closest to my father, Dulce in the middle,
and me closest to my mother.
Day in Day out.
A sense of contentment, security all seasoned with love.
Today, is a crafty day. Road Trip Day.

Seek Portuguese food day.
Celebrate Joe's birthday.

My heart is set on finding thrift bed linens.
I want to make a sheet...hooked rug.
Old 70s sheets.

Word of the Day: Rag Rug

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  1. This post makes me feel HAPPY ALL OVER Genie!
    Darling picture and precious memories.
    Hope you found the sheets you had your heart set on and that Joe's birthday celebration was wonderful in every way :)
    Love you,


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