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Saturday, January 26, 2013

movie love

Last night the children were introduced to
Mama from the Carol Burnett Show,
the "Fluffy" episode.

 It's probably so funny to Joe and I because
our "Fluffies" were often served up at dinner.
Joe and I would refuse to eat those nights.
We would cry openly, but quietly.
Visibly sobbing without
making a sound.  In those days,
mother would say, "Stop crying or I will
give you something to cry about." 
Moms of that era said things like that.
Yes, we kids, compared notes.
There was no nonsense at the dinner table.

Amazing how time makes even scary scenarios
hilariously funny.  Sibling humor I suppose.

Joe recommend Carol and a movie  for my viewing

The Mating Season (1951) with Thelma Ritter.
 It's a free instant video for Amazon prime
 members right now.  The mating season
refers to the newly wed period of bliss.

The house was particularly quiet
with everyone tucked into
their beds...with dreams of sugar plums in 
their heads.  Do you blame me?

Collecting these little jewels for button storage.

Just me and a sweet movie treat.

Mr. Lee sleeping next to me.
So proud, I didn't pass out.
I like to keep my hands busy
with a project but not last
night.  Just quiet focused movie
time for ME.

Make a bee.

Have a joyful  Saturday peeps.


  1. I always love reading about your childhood memories! Did we have the same childhood? Ha! I just didn't get blessed with a Joe in my life.
    I love the old Carol Burnett show! :) And the button bee is the cutest thing ever. Be Blessed My Dear Friend!
    Love you,

    1. Childhood was a sweet innocent time. Joe is a blessing indeed. We share so many interests and sincerely enjoy each others company. Plus he is Lee's favorite sibling. Hee Hee.

      You bless me daily. Love, Genie

  2. P.S. LOVE the button storage idea too!!!


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