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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Start at the Beginning

Have you ever had a weekend that felt like a week off? A good refreshing week off? I used to experience this phenomenon when I was working two jobs seven days a week and every so often I would have an evening off and it felt like an entire day.

I have to start at the end of the weekend and work my way back to the beginning. The retelling of this weekend's event may take a day or two so stay tuned. This evening, on our way home, I picked up the August 2010 The English Home magazine for the very first time, I had an immediate and amazing connection with the magazine from the front cover photograph of what could be very well be my dream home to the Editor's letter. She writes, "While some countries live with fairly set interiors all year round, the English love to refresh and experiment and engage in a continual evolution." I wanted to cry. I totally get it.

Once Lee and I were safely in the car, me with my three magazines the British Edition of Country Living and for the first time Australian Homespun and he with his EverydayFood, I said it is still cheaper than therapy. Magazines filled with photographs of cozy rooms with painted furniture, Aga stoves, rosy fabrics, Emma Bridgewater pottery, amazing craftiness, gardens to die for and people from all over the world with shared interests. It all cheers me right up and the best part is that I feel normal. That is all I am going to say on that topic for now. 

Our BIG weekend included the HuckFinn Jubilee and the continuation of the quilt run. Below is a photo of the completed Southern California Quilt Run Area 2 quilt. Visit each shop in the Region and receive a different pattern and a matching charm so you too may complete the quilt. We can not express how sweet and generous all the shop owners and their staffs have been. Next week at the end of the Quilt Run we will post our favorite shops.

This nice lady, at the Timeless Quilts shop, stamped our "passports," had treats for the kids and allowed us to take as many photos of the Area 2 quilt as we wanted.

Little tease from HuckFinn: Now I feel like I should have a disclaimer-"Pay no attention to the woman in the photo remind yourself she has had a very long weekend and she doesn't look her best." But what the hay, I want you to see the 1966 VW. My old '66 was all original , it even had the black and yellow plates but it was still sweet to see this cutie up close and personal.

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