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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Slowly but surely we are replacing our doorknobs.
The doorknob hunt is part of the fun.

Mr. Lee is our guest blogger for today.
Why do we have to settle for these crappy gold doorknobs.
Everything else is cute, why not replace dummy knobs????

 Remove the existing dummy doorknobs and gather supplies.

As much as we admire the locking mechanism, it will not be used. 
Put it away, and come up with a great project for its use. 
Then let me know what it is, cause I have a bunch of them.

JB Kwik Weld is the handyman's secret.
Locate a carriage bolt to fit in the back of the doorknob. 
Glue the bolt through the faceplate into the doorknob. 
Slather on a healthy amount, it needs to be sturdy.

Drilled pilot holes for the doorknob and mask off
the area for the faux keyhole.

Kids painted the area black, to give the illusion of a keyhole.

Screw faceplate onto the door. 
Stand back and admire!!!!

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