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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arriving in America

Today marks our arrival to Boston in 1969. 
Soon after we moved to Half Moon Bay, California.
Where we met and fell in love with the Dale family. 
They lived right across Main Street from us.
We didn't speak a word of English, but
I reasoned they had a swing set.
Better yet, we had five kids and they had seven.
I was the baby of our family and
my new bosom friend, Chrisy,
was the baby of her family.

That's my mother and Miss Shirley Dale, Chrisy's ma.
I learned to make chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen of this very
house.  Miss Dale, as my mother always called her not as a formality
but as a sign of deep regard and respect, always had a house full
of children and their friends. We played teacher, bank teller, jacks, and
all kinds of board games. 

These women are both gone now but their resilient nature
and generous hearts are long remembered.

My mother used to say, "I have never gone hungry in America."
It is important to add that we were also blessed with a family of friends.

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