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Friday, March 30, 2012

Marriage Once Removed

My dear dear peeps I have been mighty under the weather
but I have been told by a few folks
how much they look forward to Marriage/Wedding Wednesdays. 

First, things first, promises made promises kept.
That is what you are really doing when you take
your vows. Honestly, you can not worry about
the vows that are being made to you but
you must keep your end of the bargain.

Whiskey barrel and tools. 

Second, in keeping your end of the bargain,
you must make the cup runneth over without
expectation of anything in return.  That is how unconditional
love works.  If you have taken your time and picked well
I promise you will not be sorry.

Drill drainage holes.

This week I subjected myself to a procedure.  The healthcare provider
prescribed 3 tiny harmless looking pills to presumably relax me.
The pharmacist, and I am not kidding, said, "These will
knock you on your ass," really she did.  Did I believe
her? Absolutely not.

Stabilizing post.

Have I shared how very much I love soil? The smell and feel?

One little tiny pill the evening before and two
little tiny pills just two hours before the procedure.
I took the pills and sat down with my computer.
That's the last thing I remember.

Husband comes home to wife sitting sideways, across
the couch with computer still on lap, eyes open but no
response. He is accustomed to
looking for vital signs so at least he knew I wasn't dead.
Eventually he poured me in the car. Yes, that is how he
described it.  The next words I spoke were as we
walked into the medical building
"Oh, hi honey when did you get here?"

Honestly, when you are picking a spouse find one with a
sense of humor and if possible the ability to lift you.
My husband is a giant compared to me so it can't
always work both ways.

Mailbox for garden essentials.  Tomato plants.
What a man? A mighty good man. 

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