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Thursday, March 8, 2012


As part of my recuperation, I have been working on a crewelwork alphabet
sampler by Alicia Paulson.
It is the first time that I have worked in yarn. 
As a little kid, I never appreciated yarn it seemed too scratchy. 
Yarns today come is so many varieties and textures too tempting to
miss. Alicia's crewelwork pattern takes advantage of my embroidery stitching
experience while allowing for me to try yarn on a beautiful stamped fabric.

Embroidery has been therapy for my mind and body. 
Much like yoga, embroidery slows my breathing. 
My final sampler won't be perfect or as beautiful as Alicia's but I
am still excited.  It's progress.  

The samplers below were created by my grandmother in 1911 when
she was just 10 years old.   Its dated April 1911.  Look at the perfect
stitches of her little girl hands. So precious. 

These samplers hang in my bedroom and are a daily reminder
of the significance of family. 
Ursula Adelaide Felix my paternal grandmother. 


  1. What beautiful samplers! Crewel was the very first thing I ever learned to do craftwise when I was about 15. So happy you are enjoying this lovely art form.

  2. Danette,

    I am enjoying the crewelwork so very much. It is so beautiful. Pleasure and therapy all at the same time.


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