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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cutting Paper

Today Lee said to me....the only peace you have had in the past few months has been in cutting paper and embroidery.  It gave me pause to hear the truth spoken aloud.

I am reminded of Tracy Porter's dedication in Dreams from Home she wrote, "For my brother, Danny, who assured me ten years ago that my paper, scissors and glue would never fetch me a career. (KMA)"

To all the nay sayers...I say be true to your soul's calling.

My sister Mericia used to sing Que Seda, Que Seda.


  1. Definitely be true to your soul's calling. I am all about pursuing PEACE! Easier said than done ~ don't I just know it. We have had lots of things try to steal ours around here this last year {especially my husbands bout with pancreatic cancer} but we are getting there one day at a time. My knitting and crocheting, a good book and a good cup of tea give me peace. And my granddaughter!
    Keep smiling Eugenia,

    1. Dear heart...cancer is a thief. I know of few families that have not been touched. My oldest sister lost her battle 20 years ago and my second has skin cancer now. Miracles happen every day. We all have to stick together and lift each other in prayer.
      Thank you for lifting me up today. E


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