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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Longevity in Life and Love

Years ago while trying to sustain an unsustainable marriage,
I started reading mind body connection books.  Once I felt
stable and left the marriage I abandoned the books I was reading.

Today, I started reading When the Body Says No
exploring the stress-disease connection by Gabor Mate, M.D.

A best selling author in Canada but not here.

Many of us live, if not alone, then in emotionally inadequate relationships 
that do not recognize, or honour our deepest needs.  Isolation and stress
affect many who may believe their lives are quite satisfactory. 

                                                                       - Gabor Mate, M.D.

Life is not easy.  Pick a praying man.

Ask your suitor.  Do you pray?
If his answer is,
"I am not religious but I appreciate (or love) that you are."

RUN the way. You need a partner in all you do.
Gone should be the days when only the wife or mother
attends the places of worship.

In truth I am not religious  in the conventional bible thumper way.
In the way people use religion to support their anger and hate.
In the way religion is used to segregate.  The way some priests
used their position of authority to abuse children  or support slavery.

I do have a personal relationship with Christ.
Maybe that is why it is so easy for me
to vocalize things of the spirit. 
I enjoy sincerely enjoy symbols of organized religion.
A Bible is a constant.

Do I wish I attended church more often, yes.
Do I enjoy fellowship, yes.
Do I have friends from all faiths, yes.
Good people can be found as believers and nonbelievers.  
In selecting a partner, I still insist a shared faith is easier.
The more things in common the better for the longevity of  marriage.

Be equally yoked.  The scripture below
was not about marriage but it is useful here.
Great visual of the two oxen yoked together.

2 Corinthians 6:14
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:
for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? 
and what communion hath light with darkness?

If attending church, praying in crisis, or
raising children in a a faith.
Eating vegetarian, voting for the Dems or GOP matters.
Pick a like minded mate.

Vintage tablecloths as art

Mr. Lee from the beginning told me he was a praying man.
He had jealous bones.

He was secure in his manhood and heterosexuality.
He was not homophobia.  In my opinion, men that are are scary.
He had been raised by a strong mother who worked outside of the home.
He would support my perpetual student tendencies.
Most importantly, he understood children come first.

Green olives...yum.


The bonus was he enjoyed reading, magazines,
thrifting, art, music, old movies,
and the hunt for vintage 
Oh yes, Joe would want me to tell you, Mr. Lee could
move a big couch. 
And agreed we would care for my mother if the opportunity

You know homemakers took care in setting their dinner tables.

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  1. As always ~ you are right on! I raised my girls telling them the same thing over and over and it worked! I told them also to choose someone they could be lifelong BEST FRIENDS with like their father and me or they would not make it the long haul. When we put God first it binds us together forever.


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