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Monday, August 20, 2012

Chasing Crafts: Thoughts on Marriage

Marriage is  like this little cabinet.
A work in progress.
This little cabinet has been in progress for nearly a year.

A gathering of memories and tokens representing a share life.
A family.
A marriage.

Step 1

My oldest niece.
The first of 11 grandchildren for my parents.
My godchild.
The little sister I prayed for.
Got married yesterday.

Step 2

Distance in miles kept us apart.
My mind and heart go to her and her groom.
To share a life better than the life they would
have led alone.  

Marriage is like this planting.
The jade is smooth with rounded edges.
Drought tolerant.  Simple.
Thriving even with neglect.

The germanium represents the poor man's rose.
Requiring some water and attention.
Bright with flowers and leaves.
Seasons for blooming and rejuvenation.

This pairing represents compatibility and contrast.
The delicate and sturdy nature of marriage.
Marriage is a living and growing thing.

A Wedding Prayer

Gracious and precious Lord
God of wonder and love
Through thine will everything is possible
For your pleasure, please bless the couple before you
Lord, place a seed of generous support in their hearts
Have them seek you in all times but
Especially in times of trial and worry

Please be  present in their hearts
and minds today and everyday

May the witnesses present today
Renew their own heartfelt vows
Commit these witnesses to support
This marriage

In your infinite wisdom bless this union
Help them, Lord, to honor you
Through honoring each other
May their love grow continuously
May the richness of respect and gratitude 
Fill their hearts
May they together be a blessing to others
May they have fire only for each other

Help them, Lord, choose the words and actions
They exchange

Lord, improve their vision to see only the
good in each other
And finally, Lord, allow them to love their
and form a new future as one

Thank you, Lord for hearing this petition


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  1. What a beautiful post Eugenia. I am so touched. Congratulations to the happy newlyweds.


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