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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairy Steps

I LOVE high heels... I think cute shoes are a
joy reserved for women but admired by men.

I wore platforms for all the years I waited tables.
Danced in patent leather black pumps.  
Walked miles in Birkenstocks.
Represented in Doc Martins.  
Limited to slide on type shoes unless I have a
willing accomplice. 

Anklosing Spondylitis forced me to leave some
things behind and pick up other things. 
Appreciating all my blessings.

In awareness of the precious and fleeting
moments of life. 

Acknowledging my physical limits.
Breathing through  gratitude.

Be a blessing to someone today.


  1. What a beautiful post to start my day!

    Take care,

  2. Well Said Eugenia! I love high heels too and can no longer wear my closet full of them due to my RA. I wore a pair to each daughter's wedding then had to put on fuzzy slippers for the reception ~ could barely walk for the next week! NO MORE VANITY! Somethings are hard to give up! But we MUST count our blessings. And like you, I am trying each day to FOCUS on what I HAVE instead of what I don't have. Thanks for the reminder DEAR FRIEND!

  3. Your precious daughters are married and you will have photos for generations. What's a little extra pain for a once in a lifetime event? I'd probably topple over... not a pretty sight. No matter what we need to keep going. Hugs and kisses.


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