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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Activism in Bloggyland

Nearly six years ago I discovered the world of bloggyland.
Four years ago, I was impressed with the activism of bloggyland.
Many of the blogs I follow now had Obama buttons and Courage Campaign
buttons.  Now I am hard pressed to locate political activism.

Love Love this fabric

Is it that we are so starved for conformity?
Acceptance from our peers?  I am  asking sincerely.

My blog is such a tiny thing and I don't earn any income
from my efforts which is probably best.
Most of the visitors, I do get come for the creative spirit and
not for my soap box but there are occasions when I can't
hold my tongue.

Let's go back to the days when American products were king

Here's my post over on Facebook where I allow for my
political rants. 

Thank you my Facebook community for indulging me.
The Spirit inspires my words and leads me in my research.
To Suzeeeee May, whose words years ago inspire me now.
She once said she'd vote for me if I ever ran for office.
My sister in Christ, I hope you aren't sorry.

To my warrior girlfriends who circled me in my darkness.
I came out stronger, more determined and more vocal than ever.
I don'twant to sway your vote.
Make your own informed decision.

Nostalgic for American ingenuity

There is an alternative federal budget plan.
A plan not bought or paid for by the Dems or GOP.
A plan not compromising the most vulnerable in our society.
"A plan not favoring the 1% or the 99%. A plan for the 100%," Sister Simone Campbell.

The entire document is available on faithfulbudget.org

The budget's mantra:

Willing to save and buy the best USA made products


The federal government has subsidized the low wages
paid by businesses long enough.
The real wage for American workers has not changed since 1974.
You thought your paycheck bought less and it does.
For at least 10 years, the top 1% has enjoyed tax exemptions intended
for job creation while shipping American jobs overseas.
First, the manufacturing jobs then the service jobs.
Call me out if I lie.
Praise God for the taxpayers who provided my
free American public school education
where I learned how to think critically and read.
For significantly subsidizing my junior college attendance,
for providing a student loan program to help fund
my private college education, and for again subsidizing my
graduate program at a public university.
Praise God for my Catholic upbringing
of pull yourself up by your own boot straps work ethic.
For free speech, the freedom to practice my faith and own the Holy Bible.

God bless America.

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