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Monday, August 6, 2012

Art in a Can

Have I shared how much I
LOVE spray paint?

Spray paint has transformative power.

A can of spray paint is affordable medium
requiring a bit of talent and little else.
Graffiti is just one art form of the mighty
paint can.  Graffiti as an element of crime
disturbs me.

Graffiti as a crime is a waste of public funding
better used to educate, to inspire artist expression or
or release activist impulses.  If these impulses are not
contained and developed into something positive
then what you get is the explosion of
unwanted angry graffiti. 

A can of magic as fine art.
Check out the artist visiting near you at
Aaron Brothers Road Trip.

“case” is the alias of Andreas von Chrzanowski
an artist from the German graffiti scene
who was born and raised East Germany.

These photos do not do his work justice.

Watching adults create validates the tangible life of artists.
And ignites fires in growing souls.



Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,

while imagination embraces the entire world, 

and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

                                                         Albert Einstein

Holly art reflected as a puddle but it is Count Dracula.

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  1. I love spray paint art...it is so fun to watch someone creating something beautiful! Hope your summer is going well..your budding artist are adorable. xo


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