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Friday, August 31, 2012

In Love with a Hardworking Man

Seek and ye will find.
Sometimes you don't have to seek.
Sometimes it is about seeing what is in front of you.
Being in the right place at the right time.

Do go to the places that matter to you.
Participate in the activities you love.
Find your passion and your mate may be there, too.

AS has slowed me down significantly.
Still I would not marry a lazy man.

Before we arrived in America, my father was
a dairyman...a farmer.
 We had a little milk can much like the
one below.  Times were hard, but mother
used to say,  we always had milk.
This meant we didn't go to bed with
empty bellies.
This meant we had drinking milk and
could make cheese.   Sugar was a luxury.
If we had water, the ingredients for bread,
coffee, milk for drinking, cheese for eating,
eggs and a bit of vegetables we were good.

Father was a hard worker.  I don't recall him
grumbling about going to work.  It was what
you did even if you hated it.  He always lent
a hand to the neighbors.

Don't pick a man who walks around with
his hands in his pockets. 
His underwear showing.

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  1. I LOVE it!!! Well said Dear! I would have loved your parents. What a treasure you are :)))


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