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Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

15th Dating Anniversary

Mr. Lee and I have celebrated each month since our first date.
A Friday the 13th long ago.
Thirteen is still my lucky number.

Still celebrating our blessed life.

Things we have in common.
The love of cute things for me to wear.
I am the queen of costume jewelry.
We choose bright colors with a vintage sweetness.

Japanese bookstores like Kinokuniya.
Seriously any bookstore will do.
Including used books.
See "Sawing"  should be "Sewing"
Sense of humor...a must have in our relationship.

Sterling Silver roses from our cottage garden.

Princess shoes. Glitter, lights, and jewels.

Watching kids play.

Creating lists of road trip locations to visit.  Miette in San Francisco.  

Creating craft lists.
Honey dos.

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