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Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Day of Summer

It is the first day of summer break for the kids.
For me there is still homework to be done.

Burlap...or linen..a new best friend

Blogging gets my creative side flowing and
ignites the flames for technical academic writing.
A bit of a yawn. Did I say that aloud?

As a salve to a disappointment this week, I
ordered a Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli
of Sis Boom Fabrics fame. Happy dripping
from every page. 

This quote was in the inside cover:

The more you strive and search for happiness
the more you overlook the possibility that 
it is already here.

                                                 Robert Holden

This poem from my 4th grade memories.
Some things never change. 

Documenting the every day is a why to be mindful:
each day is a gift not to be squandered. 
Our terribly normal average life is so amazing
I get goosebumps.  Healthy happy kids.
A charming roof over our heads.
Vehicles to get us from point A to B.

Life is good.
May I have an AMEN?

Amen means "I believe," a second grade memory.
I have never forgotten its significant meaning.

All the glory goes to God.    

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