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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Pai's (Father's) Day

There is much to say about my father.
He was the oldest of three boys and lost his own
father at the age of 7. 

Red, White and Blue

He fiercely believed in the value of education.
His mother was a teacher and she
had instilled a deep regard for both
the teaching profession and education.

Curvy Wire

Education was something you took with you.
While other children were pulled out of school to
work in the other farmers' fields.  My father
worked alone until the school year ended.

It was a hard life but he never complained.

Tractor Quilt

Such a simple man.
He was honest.
An animal whisperer.
Tender hearted and generous.
He was a good friend.
Loyal husband. 
So proud he was my father.


As I enrolled in the second to last class
towards a Master's early this morning,
I said what we often say at home to our
children.  No one graduates alone.

No no I've had parents, a husband,
and children sacrificing quality time
nearly every weekday and on weekends for
the achievement of this goal. Siblings and
friends cheering me on.

Spotty Fabric

When I cross the stage to gather my diploma
the whole get-along-gang is with me in spirit.

Thank you Mr. Lee for staying up with me
finishing homework all these years.
For entertaining our kids, for driving as I read,
study and write. 

No one ever graduates alone.
Thank you my darlings.
Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever.

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