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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Diva Strikes

There is so much to share.
First, in a nod to public policy and transparency.
I am procrastinating because I should be working on homework,
and yes, Mark, you probably inherited that from me, but we always get
it done.  And I don't procrastinate at work.
Always do the ickiest stuff first.

It is just a lampshade turned upside down.
Totally her vision.
I am sure she is inspired by the beautiful
African women we often admire.
With brightly colored robes and amazing
hats rivaling even the British. 

Have you ever seen the women attending a Baptist
Convention?  So beautifully dressed with
amazing high heals and hats to write home about.

When Jacob opened these photos he said.
"Ahhh, she looks like a queen." Such sincere
admiration.   And he didn't know what I had written.

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