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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Possum Pie

Here's a story about irresponsible pet parents.
Someone in our neighborhood released four
obviously pet bunnies into the neighborhood.

They maybe the very neighborhoods that dump
their trash in a pile of individual bags like
the waste works are servants and have nothing
better to do. 

We are from the opinion that pets are for life.
I often  reminded of the pain my father had to go
through to destroy our dog before we immigrated
to America.  There wasn't a vet to euthanize our
precious dog.  My father was it. We were never allowed
to have another dog.

My father did what any compassionate pet owner
would do.  Every day irresponsible pet owners
dump dogs, even tiny chihuahuas, out near the
fields where Mr. Lee works.  How do these
cowards have the heart to abandon their dogs
for unknown circumstances.

In an attempt to catch the bunnies we set
up a cage.....

Possum Pie

Mr. Lee released him but if he returns..
we will do the responsible thing and
turn him over to the Hillbilly authorities.

Always an adventure at the Pumpkin

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