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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Elf Music Under the Stars

My brother Joe has joined us on many road trips.
Joe often falls in love with the cute places we visit.
He says, "I could live here."
Phoenix in spring....no way Joe it gets toooo hot.
Long Beach totally doable.
San Diego too far south.  At least, I say I am not going
any further south when my heart is in Northern California.

Yesterday, we headed to Joshua Tree for an open house
and concert.  The nicest welcoming people ever.
No pretension just genuinely warm.

Jacob calls Shari Elf, our host, the Art Queen
and she is. Yes, this is her real, parent given, name.

Years ago I read about Shari and her World
Famous Crochet Museum in Crochet magazine.
Do you know how sometimes something just
clicks?  Shari's art is just like that for me.
I never grow tired of it and it speaks to my soul.
It is her sweet spirit shining through.  

See the Joshua Tree?

I contacted Shari in advance to ask if the venue was
okay for children.  Sometimes the venue isn't
appropriate or it is an adult party.  We rarely
go any where without our entourage but we
also don't want to offend any host.


One very happy boy.

Art Queen Shari Elf  Giggly smiles. 

Shari says take a fashion risk...  She was a seamstress but dreamed
of playing a bit of music and making a living as an artist.  Dreams
can and do come true. 

Next week the Art Queen will be celebrating Gay Pride.

We would attend but have already committed to the
Southern California Quilt Run.

You Could Live Here

Shari's Art Studio                                                                                                                  

Thank you Shari and the whole Art Queen participants. 

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