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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pick a Man who Loves Women

During my daily commute, I have been listening
to sermons from one of my favorite pastors.....Steve Mays
or listening to my favorite radio
programs Splendid Table or Pacifica Radio.

Driving home yesterday I caught a program
about what to do if you spouse says, "I don't love you
anymore." A book by the same title provides an interesting
and useful Christian perspective.
David Clarke, PhD is the author, he advises
the hurt spouse to get angry to keep
from getting stuck and jump start the healing process.

In Dr. Clarke's practice, he has found that in most cases
when a spouse declares the lack of love it is because
they are already in deep sin.  An affair, pornography
or other addiction. 

Seek a man who loves and respects women.
Avoid character flaws.
Don't make excuses.

JoAnn from Bensonhurst gives great practical advice.
Married for 34 years she knows what it takes
to keep it together.

Tomato from our yard
Next project look for a coat of paint.

Add marbles to your pots.

Mr. Lee told me right from the beginning he preferred the 
company of women.  I admitted I preferred the company of men.
We really do have friends in those categories but we never
put ourselves in a position of disadvantage.  If someone
at work captures your fancy don't allow yourself to be alone
Even if you are single, my strong advice is to avoid office romances.

For the unscrupulous, married people are the most attractive.
A challenge, the thrill of the hunt, and relatively safe bet
no commitment will be necessary.  Don't do it and don't
think it will be different with you.

My marriage is the most precious thing and I will protect it with all
my being.


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