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Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wear your learning as you wear your watch
in a private pocket and do not pull it
out & strike it merely to show that
you have it.
                               Lord Chesterfield

A teacher affects eternity,
he can never tell where his influence
                                Henry Adams

As a wee one, there was only two
things I ever wanted to grow up to
be a teacher or an actress.

Along the way I was discouraged from
pursuing teaching.  A very sad mistake.
Terrified of auditions.

Luckily, a dose of homemaking 
with children drew out creativity.

Allowing me to work with actors.

Opportunities for
traveling in style. 
Topanga Vintage Marketplace

Walking on over the top set designs

Visiting with creatures existing only in the imagination.
Look closely at the fly near the boy's feet.
The fly's iridescent eyes glowed two aisles over. 

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