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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Washing our hands Cleansing our hearts

Everyone has been sick at our house.
Just a constant passing of the germs.
Lots of proper hand washing.
Repeating, don't touch your face.

This is my dream sink.
This beauty resides at the local YMCA.
Come on, can't you just imagine Ma and Pa Kettle
and a herd kids?  

This post started in one direction (mind) and
curved in another (heart).

From the beginning of my life,
I have been a confidant of
strangers. It is a familial curse..blessing.
Mother and Father both had "it."
I am not sure if my other siblings have it but Joe
has it, too.

Just recently, the story
went something like this. There is
no introduction the conversation just

My sister has left her husband
and his two small children.  The children
are terrors just beastly.  I ask, yes I encourage
the spilling, doesn't she love these children?
No, she is fond of them but she doesn't love
them.  My heart bleeds.  The words are like
a punch to my chest.

Here's the thing.  If you love the parent you must
love their child.  If the child is a beast it's the
fault of the parents.  No doubt about it, ever.

There is the exception of mental illness but
other than that well behaved children
are created with unconditional love and structured discipline.
Discipline in our home does not involve hitting.
Blended families, step parenting and marriage.
There is no nice way to say this.
If you are contemplating
marriage or are in a marriage with step children

You MUST love these children.
Not just just be fond of them.
You MUST open your heart to them.
They didn't ask to come from a broken
home.  They didn't ask to be abandoned or
have parents fail them.

Of course children can be beasts.
Especially if BAD attention is better
than NO attention. I want to SLAP
the parents.  If you are the parent, your
first priority is your children.  If you
fall for a parent you MUST love their
children, too.  Or simply do as I did
and don't date people with children.

Seems unfair since I had two children
but I was fine being alone or sharing
my life with someone without children.
No compromise. My children would come

If you cannot love the
children do NOT enter into any commitment.
Don't even go on a first date.
It doesn't matter if they are small children or
adults.  The rules are the same.
You will have to share your beloved
with them.

Think you know better?
Go ahead.  Second marriages
have a higher rate of divorce
then first marriages.

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