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Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

Mr. Lee got me good this morning.
He says your phone has been vibrating.
Hands me the phone and there
is a message from yours truly.
for 15 years we have been celebrating our
first date on a Friday of the 13th.
It is always a race.
Yes, yes you win.

Last night we saw the Wiggles Live. 
It was so much fun.
Three of the original Wiggles are
retiring after 21 years of touring the
world.  The delivery of the concert
was intimate with a familial delivery.
A comfort developed over years of
working together, shared experiences...something
so endearing. 

These guys are in great shape and so handsome.
The mom in the row in front of us was definitely
there for herself and not for her two boys.

The audience included kids that had
grown up with the Wiggles and now
had children of their own.

Girl was really apprehensive about attending.
She even offered to stay with her Uncle Joe at the
hotel.  This little face says it all.

Jacob coming back from shaking Jeff's hand.
Smiley faces all around.


  1. What fun....and happy anniversary...of your first date..so cute.

    1. So so much fun. Have to keep the spark. oooxxx


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