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Friday, May 11, 2012

Issue 13 of Mollie Makes and June's issue of
Romantic Homes.  Happy happy joy joy.

The clerk at the Barnes and Noble commented
on the superior quality of British magazines.
Craft magazines, music magazines probably all magazines.
Don't even get me started on the Japanese mags.
Pure loveliness and inspiration for those of us
with hoppity skippity brains.
Notice the Vintage Buttons gift on Mollie...how
can anyone resist?  It is like a box of
Cracker Jack with the diamond ring prize glued
to the outside of the box.
We both agreed that there is tremendous talent
in the States.  Why oh why can't we lead the
world in creativity?  Obviously we could but
we don't.

Miss Holly has already requested a cocoa brown

The City.  San Francisco.  Inspired to visit from here.
Music for your visit. Sadly, not Journey but a good substitute.

Yes, I write in my magazines, in my textbooks and
in any book that strikes my fancy. Kirk, my train friend
and doctoral candidate, just panics when he sees me
jotting notes as I read. He's NEVER written in a book.
I say cut loose.  Live dangerously sometimes.
It is a habit I started long ago.
Like my habit of commemorating events in new books.

My Dottie Angel book I wrote:

"April 27, 2012

On the eve of returning to work. Crafting.
Lee put outside lights on to light my path.
What a year. Little e."

In years to come I will recall a specific moment
and feelings.

I use my favorite Creative Memories fine-tip
pens gifted to me by my dear friend Lori.

Lori is one of my girlfriend warriors.  A
guiding force in my darkness.
Being in Lori's presence of unconditional love
is indescribable.  She soothes even the crankiest
babies right to sleep. I digress.

The pens are archive quality and glide over paper. 
I am unable to work with scratchy sounding pens.
These write like silk.  Good for journals, scrapbooks,
and photos. 

Places to visit in San Francisco.

Sears Fine Foods for breakfast
City Lights bookstore

Thank you for stopping by. 

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