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Saturday, May 26, 2012

In All Times

Success in marriage depends on being able, 
when you get over being in love, to really love....

Eleanor Roosevelt

In all times seek a Godly partner.
This is not the same thing as a
Christian.  It is not a specific religious
belief.  It may be identified as a strength of character,
admired behaviors and strong convictions.
It is witnessed  as devotion to family, to friends and to
loved ones. A love so true it will light your path
in darkness.

Country Roads

A Godly partner is consistent.
They are trustworthy and sought out for
counsel.  They are not afraid to speak out
against injustice, they are passionate and kind.

A Godly partner fights fair, listens with
their heart, and desires only the best for their mate.
Godly partners seek to understand and support.

A Godly partner has eyes only for their mate.
They do not casually turn to assess a passing
stranger.  They do not feel like something is missing.
They are content because they too sought out a Godly partner.

A Godly partner holds their mate in high
esteem and devotion.
They surrender the I for the we. 

A Godly partner overflows with love and admiration.
A Godly partner is blessed with the power of the Holy
Spirit. An unconditional love so powerful it transcends
time and space. 

The best part of sharing a life with a Godly partner
is the richness and depth that occurs over time.

Country Roads

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