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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liberal Heart

WARNING: This is a bit of a rant post so divert your eyes if you don't want to witness the carnage.

1.  This blog is written as a journal for my sheer pleasure.
     For my brother, who says, it is his FAVORITE magazine.  I love you bro.
     For my husband, who supports my very whim and acts as my most trusted advisor.

2.  These are my opinions mostly from the my heart and soul.
     Someone out there, on any given day, needs to read a word of encouragement.

3.  This blog helps me heal wounds and I hope it is helpful to lift even ONE other person.

That said.

When did LIBERAL turn into a dirty word?
Here is what this liberal believes in.

Hard work.
Honesty and Integrity.
You don't get something for nothing.
Education counts and we should be PROUD and HONORED to pay for it.
Teachers matter.  They MUST perform and we must PAY them for their contribution to the success of America.
Even with our most shameful failings, the United State of America is still the BEST country on this earth.
Support the poor and not war. Assist the mentally ill, the drug or alcohol dependent.
ELIMINATE Homelessness.  BE ashamed children go to bed hungry in AMERICA.
If you don't  support choice then SUPPORT women's contraceptive rights and vote for policies
to RAISE children out of POVERTY.
Music and ART education make us better.  
ACCEPT genius may come in a DIVERSE package. 
Support PUBLIC Transportation in all its modes.
Care about the environment we leave our children.
GREENHOUSE gas is not made up by the liberals but supported by science.
Have a backbone, speak up and defend the right of opinions even if it is SCARY and it puts your JOB on the line.
Support our PRESIDENT.  I didn't vote for President Bush (1 or 2) but I RESPECTED the office.
NO ONE at any time should wish for a bullet for anyone least of all our most honored and highest office.

Our service personnel and their FAMILIES deserve our respect, our support and our thanks.
We should not abandon them ever. We should never put them in harms way without careful and serious consideration.  PEACE is less expensive than WAR demand it. 
Tax payers should be honored and grateful to provide whatever  our Armed Forces need before, during and after their service.  They should receive the best equipment necessary to perform their missions and the best medical care available regardless of cost.
FEMINIST this means support and honor the girlfriend commitment.  Men will come and go but girlfriends are forever.  HONOR women in their chosen life path.  We are going backwards.  STOP it. 
DEFEND life choices.   WHETHER, homemaker, career, or mom. HONOR choice even if it is not your own.  REMEMBER the suffragettes of long ago.   JAILED to gain the right to vote.  Get out and VOTE.

This LIBERAL believes in civil rights, the right for two people to marry regardless of gender....because BEING married to your best friend is a JOY no one should miss.

This LIBERAL is driven as a believer, feminist, wife, mother, to be a do gooder, to behave as a sister to the human race, to be disobedient when necessary, to be respectful of the laws and leaders of this LAND. To LEAD by example and behave as a follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To allow my behavior to represent and reflect my beliefs.

This LIBERAL prays and give thanks every day.  God bless this great land and its people.  

DON"T DEFINE ME.  I am proud to be a LIBERAL.

God bless CALIFORNIA where diversity is KING.  For the superior and
largest university system in the world.  Gateway to learning and achievement.
Completing a Masters in Public Administration and a sampler by Pam Garrison
"Make Something."

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