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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wrapping Up the Roadtrip

Here's something we missed in Portland,
Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, but as always
the get-along gang covers a lot of ground.

Indoor pools:

The Fishwife tasty seafood.  Not fancy,  but totally our style,
you will love the food and friendly service.

Fancy entertainment near Powell's.
This too is our style. Surprise and in
your face.
The largest book store in our universe.

A visit to Dusty Tiger.
Antiques and collectibles mall.

Tasty home cooking like at
VoVo's or Oma's. So so satisfying, also not

More table top games,
what my generation referred to as board games,
with the boy. Guardian Games in Portland
aka the mother ship for table top enthusiasts.

Portland weather, we love it, and beautiful bridges.

Roseburg, Oregon, Bagel Tree Cafe...oh yes, you must stop.

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