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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blessings are Miracles - Travellog

April is Autism Awareness Month
The statistics are startling something like
1 in every 54 male births.

We give thanks today and every day for
healthy children. For family fun. For road trip memories.
For children who really get excited about
reading, board games, and swimming.

First night, Corning, CA, Olive Pit:

Holly found our first hotel by searching
on my phone for "hotels with indoor pools near me,"
of course, Google returned hotels with
indoor pools in Maine but it was a great
idea.  So each hotel on our way has
had an indoor pool.

The scariest road was Route 3 this
took us from Redding, CA to the Victorian
Village of Ferndale, CA.

I drove the second super scary
half with cliffs and edges of road
just  inches away.  Our rental van, the
Kia Sedona, has huge a blind spot between
the windshield and the driver's side window.

Gorgeous terrain where the locals fly and
the novice curve their way up, down and around
in a screw like fashion. 

Lovely Ferndale Village:

Yeah, that good. 

Some times I really need to be reminded
of how good life is and to be more

More to come, for a darling faithful reader, Sue from
Country Roads, where nice really does matter.

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