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Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Do You Do?

What you do speaks so loud
I cannot hear what you say.

                           Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh my goodness this is so true,
it stopped me in my tracks.

California is my most favorite place.
Of all the places we have traveled in the United States,
it is the most diverse in people
and terrain.  I know I am partial, but the Northern California
coast is rugged and gorgeous.   Thank you, God for the
beauty of nature.  Blue blue skies, we rarely see in smoggy
Southern California.

Eureka, California. Treasures all around.
 Road trips mean food and thrift stores.
 Opening our eyes to see all around.

Discovery Shop in Eureka. 

Like most families, cancer tore
into our lives and continuous to
create hideous havoc.

Mr. Lee and I try to support
the charities that have blessed
us or are trying to find cures to the condition
near to our hearts.

Across the street, a  delicious burger and a tasty
malt were found.  The lines inside are a very good
sign we have found a local favorite. 

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