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Monday, April 20, 2015

Keep your Eyes Open

One must never stop living because of a storm.
                                          Carolyn Rubenstein
                        from the book Desire to Inspire

Oh yeah, there have been times when
my compulsion was to simply fall off the face of
the Earth. 

But when my eyes are wide open, I see the diversity
and charm of other human beings.  I get a sense to
keep heading in the same direction.  A nod, a peace over
me.  Everything will be all right. 

In Riverside, a town of over 300,000, we never
run into anyone we know.  But occasionally, when
God knows you need a push of faith, He places
someone in your path...the experience is to let you
know everything will be all right. 

Everything will be all right. 

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  1. A very beautiful post! Thank you for reminding us all what is really important! Take care.


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