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Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome Oregon

This water is the color of a blue/green

Welcome to the enchanted forest.  People who can drive in
the rain and the lush variety of nature's greens.

Hungry in Eugene, Oregon?

Glenwood, yummy yum yums.
Friendly staff and really good eats.

Boy heaven.

Beyond excited.  He hadn't realized walking in.

Eugene is a college town. Young fresh faces
all around.  Pedestrians, bicyclist and then cars are king.
It's a lovely slower pace. Southern California is all about
cars and speed.
Memorials like this one are a reminder to stay aware of those
who share the road.

Rain, hail, a tasty hotdog and fries like my mother used to make.
Perfection.  Roake's the original stand since 1937 located in Milwaulkie, OR.

People watching is part of the fun.
The kettle calling the pot black.  His sign says Liberalism is
a mental illness, okay.

Thrift store art.  You got to love it.

Holly modeling. Tulips are a family favorite not necessarily
this 80s print but still.

A $12.00 afghan, Mr. Lee said it felt creepy, go figure.
There was a lot of work to appreciate.

Crispy Creme Easter Donuts..it's

A hunt for a favorite Australian

Road trip projects.

Another road trip project.

Dinner in the hotel picked up from Screen Door in Portland.
Worth the trip...southern deliciousness.

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