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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Missing Mae

Mae is Portuguese for mother.

Our mother gave sage advise.
She was a rock.
A pillar of strength for us to draw from.
She'd always cook our favorite meals.

If I pause, something she never did, I
can smell the warmth of her kitchen.
She always wore an apron.
She cooked from taste and love.
Baked from scratch.

She is right there in my mind's eye.
Sometimes when the distance between
visits was too long, she would
prepare a care package full of all my
favorite foods.

The box smelled like her kitchen, garlic, wine, and
cinnamon.  I'd eat and
weep with longing.

Years and years ago,  I miscarried my
second child, my mother was visiting.
It was providence for her to be with
me.  She was there to care for my
little one, clean up my loss,  and
comfort my heartache.

Months later, when the baby would have
been born,  I received a baby doll she had crocheted.
Unlike anyone else, she knew where my thoughts
were and exactly what I would need.  Something to

Tend our wounds and mend our
hearts.  She longed for us as we long
for her still.

Happy Birthday.


  1. Eugenia,

    Is there anything more precious than a mother's love for her child and vice versa? I truly feel your sentiments as I have lived a whole ocean away from my dear mother for the past 25!! years, and miss her terribly. Like your sweet mama, she loves to cook and take care of everyone, as well as make everyone laugh. Only your mother could really understand and feel your heart against hers, despite the distance, and so, she did what her motherly intuition told her, she created a comfort zone for you, as she could not be there herself, to cuddle and hold her own baby.


    1. Poppy dear,

      To hear her voice again. My little one, Holland, she is six now, was so close to her. After my mother passed, she dreamed of her often, she shared with me, VoVo is very busy and has lots of friends. We say VoVo lives on in our hearts.

      Enjoy your mama, in her letters, in your telephone conversations and memories.

      xxxoooo e


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