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Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Officiant's Preparation

In 13 days, we celebrate
the joining of two lives into one.
The spiritual, public,
and legal affirmation
of uniting in holy matrimony.
The beginning of a new chapter
in the precious lives of Kirstie and Matt.

When Mr. Lee and I started courting
(don't you love the sentiment),
Kirstie, our niece, was a Barbie playing angel. 
Sunshine flowed from every fiber of
her being.  The precious little girl
grew into an amazing young woman.

As I pray and prepare for
my duties as officiant, I always reflect 
on marriage. What can I share
to plant the seeds of a forever marriage?

These two have had the blessing of
growing up in nuclear families.
Witnessing the longevity, resiliency, and
of spirit of marriage.  Kirstie's Oma,
my mother-in-law, once said, "Marriage
doesn't even get good until after 20 years."

It must be the seasoning of years of shared
experiences of joy and disappointment.
The richness of love only deepens
through the mountains and
valleys of life.  To survive a marriage must be
built on mutual devotion, patience and affection. 

My prayers for this couple
are simple.  Focus on a BIG marriage,
build a strong foundation formed on
faith, love, fidelity and confidence
in each other. Grow independently as
individuals but connected as husband
and wife.  Remain best friends in
all circumstances. Fall deeper in
love each day.  Give praise
in all things. 

May God bless you and keep you.


  1. This is such a sweet post.....Congratulations to their upcoming wedding...they do look like such a sweet couple. . Hope your October days have been amazing. xo

  2. How beautiful Genie!
    So happy you will be joining these precious people in holy matrimony :)))
    They are so blessed already~ and beautiful!
    Love you Dear!


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