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Friday, October 4, 2013

My tangerine cane

Mr. Candycane, changed my life.
At first, I thought a cane would mean,
 "I have given up."

Now, about 18 months after starting to use
a cane, I see my cane as a help mate.
A security blanket, if you will.

When the shooting pain starts,
I have my happy tangerine cane to
support me, pull the car door closed,
or knock something off the top shelf.

I don't recommend the knocking off
but it has come in handy.

OMHU, the makers of my trusty cane, have
been added to my blogroll.  Check it out
for encouragement.


  1. I so love that your cane is sporting some style! I love the color orange btw!

    Take care,

    1. Happy Weekend, Sue,

      The orange color seems to go with everything. Funny, I am often asked if I have canes to match my outfits. For now it's just my tangerine treasure.

      xxxooo e

  2. Eugenia,

    Your tangerine cane, aside from being your trusted companion, is very chic, I might add! Along with your 'new and improved' attitude, you two are stylishly unstoppable!


    1. Poppy,
      Who knew, my disability would empowered me in ways I could not have imagined. Mobility, I liked to walk really fast, is compromised but I continue to expand beyond my wildest dreams.
      Thank you for your uplifting comments.

      xxxoo e

  3. My Dear Genie ~
    I am all for whatever it takes to get us from here to there when we are in pain.
    And you look too darn cute with Mr. CandyCane :)
    Love you My Sweet!


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