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Monday, October 21, 2013

British Love

Uncle Joe, my brother, texts or emails  me
nearly every day.  Usually with nuggets of
wisdom, shared interests, or tidbits
of pop culture. 

Dancing Queen

Joe writes, 
In America, we have stupid reality TV.
In England, they have The Fabric of Britain
documentaries on knitting, embroidery and 

Obviously, we don't watch reality TV,
stupid or otherwise, at Pumpkin Cottage.
We, like Joe, do enjoy
thrifting, handmade crafts, granny art, books,
celebrities, style, and design with
eclectic sensibilities.

Wings at the ready.

Uncle Joe, recommendations for the
week.  David Sedaris on Fresh Air.
The program is not yet available on
the link provided.

American Halloween

Jewelry by the British duo Tatty Devine.  
These girls are so cute and inspiring.


  1. Oh Genie I LOVE THIS POST!!! It hits me right where my heart is :)
    I HATE reality TV for one thing. And, of course, I LOVE ALL CRAFTING!
    I think it's time for someone to come up with a show called THE FABRIC OF AMERICA that we could settle in front of with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee. I don't really care to see the masses fight and scratch each others eyeballs out. And celebrity's don't float my boat either. My hero's are people like YOU and your precious, hard working, God Praising family. By the way~ tell Joe I want to be HIS friend too! :)
    Love you My Sweet!

  2. Dearest Danette,
    Of course Joe would love you, too. It's so funny because our friends affectionately refer to him as Uncle Joe. Truly, we are blessed with an extended family of dear special friends.
    Thank you for continuing to lift our names in praise.

    xxxooo genie


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